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Is my car/motorcycle fully insured?


A local online newspaper reported that a man on his motorcycle was killed when another driver pulled out in front of him. The  at fault  driver had very little accident

Travel Expenses, Out of Pocket expenses, Court costs and injury cases

Florida is lucky to have a lot of tourists who come here to enjoy our beaches, visit Disneyworld or the races at the Daytona 500. Sometimes these tourists get into an accident and can’t drive home with the rest

Politics: An example of a Right Wing Attack on The Jury System

Unknown4Republican legislator Charles Dave Hood from Ormond Beach sponsored a bill (HB379) in the 2014 session of the Florida legislature. If passed it will change evidence about medical bills in all personal injury trials. Negligent persons

A Chinese Proverb may help you avoid disaster

Which is worse? Being a liar or having a bad memory? Sometimes they blur…Better not being forced into the position of trying to prove you have a bad memory rather than a liar.
No one

Don’t talk yourself out of a Settlement by Blabbing about it on Facebook

A claim is often “settled” by the exchange of money for a release. The terms of the settlement are often put in writing and are sometimes supposed to be kept secret. If the secret is not kept what happens next?

In Gulliver Schools, Inc vs Snay, Mr. Snay

ERISA and your settlement- When Insurance wants its money back

When your lawyer calls and says he has settled your case you want to know how much you will get. There are several steps he has to take before you will know. He has to know if you owe any money back to any of the insurance