Soon after an accident you can expect to be getting a call from an insurance company adjuster who will just want to ask you a few simple questions. If you were hurt in a store, the manager will want a statement.  It will take you by surprise, and most people feel they have nothing to hide so why not? Adjusters will want to know how bad you were hurt so they can estimate the size of your claim, and maybe offer a small settlement to wrap things up.  They know they can’t talk to you after you get a lawyer so they are pushy.  The prospect of an easy settlement a few days after a wreck may be inviting, so why not cooperate?  Because there are some major problems if you do.  How can you be expected to know the full extent of your injuries and the expenses you will have in just a day or two?  No one can know that soon.  It’s foolish to drop your claim for a couple of bucks if you don’t know what it is worth.

In Florida you do not have to give a statement  unless you are asking for PIP benefits from your own insurance company.  Usually there is just a little PIP Application to fill out, which has to be done. However, sometimes a PIP adjuster will also want to do an Examination Under Oath.  The EUO has to be given if requested or you will blow your right to benefits. PIP benefits up to $10,000 are paid for lost wages and medical bills if you were hurt in a car wreck even if it was your fault or someone else’s fault.

So should you give the liability adjuster for the liability insurance company or adjuster for the uninsured motorists company a statement?  I don’t recommend it.  Why?  Because it might be used to hurt you later on if you make an accident claim.  How?  Let’s say you were rear ended and they ask you to describe your injuries. You tell them about your problems.  Later on when you visit your doctor he may find other issues which you honestly did not know about.  In court, the jury will have doubts about your reasons for the seemingly contradictions in your testimony. The more time you give statements or the longer your statement the more likely it is you will say something wrong.

So, why risk it?  It’s not necessary unless its for PIP benefits, and it may be really harmful.

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