There is a story in the news about  Joan Holzschuh, a woman from Palm Coast, Florida who was killed in a crash when the tour bus she was riding in crashed into the back of a stopped vehicle on the side of the road in Egypt.   She went to Bethlehem for Christmas.   News stories on the TV discussed the facts and seem to indicate the accident happened before dawn while the Bus was on the way to a popular tourist attraction.  Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Was the driver of the Bus at fault?  How about the driver of the parked vehicle who stopped on the side of the road?  Do they have to carry insurance?  Does Egypt have laws which make the Tour Operator liable for the negligence of its Drivers? If she bought her ticket in the State of Florida does Contract law in Florida apply?

The decedent was from Palm Coast, and the accident happened in Egypt.  Does the law of Florida, or the law of Egypt apply?  There is an arcane little known field of law called “Conflicts of Laws.” This specialty is designed to answer questions exactly like the ones in this case.

I represented the mother of a young sailor who was killed when he was a passenger of  a car which went  over a cliff  near Naples, Italy.  I filed suit in Volusia County, Florida and was able to get a nice settlement for the mother of the young Navy sailor who was killed.

Knowing “Conflict of Law” rules helped me avoid Italian rules and regulations and get  a good result. When a complicated accident case involving foreign laws is being considered, its good to get someone who has experience in Conflicts of Law cases.

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