Florida is only one of two states with no fault and PIP Benefits.  Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits are there for you if  you have been injured in a car accident even if it was your fault or someone else’s fault.  Getting PIP benefits is easy.  Just call your insurance company, report the car accident, and a new claim will be opened.  A few days later you will get an Application for PIP benefits in the mail.  Fill out the blanks and return it.  It will ask you some really simple questions about the accident, like were you hurt?  What part of your body was hurt?  Will you be losing any wages due to the wreck?

A claim number will be given to you and you can then give it to your medical providers, hospital, pharmacy, and they can (but do not have to) bill your PIP carrier for any accident related expenses. If they agree to bill your PIP carrier make sure they send their bills in right away.  If they don’t your benefits will be lost.  If the bills are not sent to your PIP carrier within 30 days after the service is rendered, they become “stale” and the PIP carrier can refuse to pay them.  This gotcha will deprive you of your PIP  insurance benefits. You will then have to pay the doctors who failed to send in their bills out of your own pocket and this will aggravate you and your doctor.  So my recommendation is to make sure the bills are being sent to your PIP carrier promptly or you will lose benefits and a good doctor!

Why do PIP benefits go stale?  Because PIP carrier believe doctors will hoard bills until they are finished treating, sometimes for months, and then submit them all at once, thereby PIP carriers will lose out on the chance to dispute and deny improper care.  PIP carriers believe there is a lot of PIP Fraud going on.  The typical PIP Fraud case involves a staged accident with the doctor getting $10,000 in PIP benefits for treatments after a fake accident.

So, bottom line, to avoid losing your valuable PIP benefits make sure the medical bills are sent in by your doctor within 30 days of the service date, and keep a record! Most doctors know this already but it would be smart to check with them just in case.

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