Can you talk to your lawyer?  This is a simple question.  Some of my clients who have unfortunately been in multiple accidents have used other law firms on other cases before hiring me.  In one such case,  a new client came to my office and when we sat down to meet with each other the first time she asked, ” Are you an attorney?”   I laughed and said yes, but it was no laughing matter to her.

She explained she had twice before been rear-ended and each time,  she got a TV law firm  in Orlando for one case, and a TV law firm in Port Orange for the other.   From beginning to end she  never met or even talked to her TV lawyers.  Both cases were settled  by the TV lawyer’s staff and she was sent a check and that was it.

In today’s world some law firms have huge advertising budgets to pay for their TV, billboard, Yellow Pages, and other ads.  Some of the law firms who are prominent TV lawyers in central Florida spend almost $200,000 a month, and some up to $400,000 a month on advertising.  They get lots of business and hire lots of support staff to handle the files.  You have probably seen their ads. They are all over the place. The client I met said her central Florida  TV law firm sent an “investigator” to her home to “interview” her.  In fact, all the investigator did was get her to sign the firm’s fee contract, and she never got to meet with or talk to her “lawyer.”.

So when you need an accident injury lawyer, ask yourself if you want to be able to talk to him or her.  If so, then it might be a good idea to find out who will actually handle the legal part of your case before you sign the contract.  

As I say, I don’t do Veterinary law:  I represent real people who need answers, not puppy dogs and kitty cats!



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