The jury verdict found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the Michael Jackson case.  I think the defense relied on the “Doctor” card, and the jury did not buy it.

In civil cases, when a doctor is charged with medical malpractice, the “doctor” card is a defense which says to the jury: ” I am a Doctor.  I am really a wonderful person, and I help so many people.  How could I (a doctor) be guilty of hurting someone? ”

The essence of this defense is that Doctors are not like us:  they are superhuman and do not make mistakes.  Society puts Doctors up on a pedestal, and adores them, giving them special privileges.  The laws of the State of Florida include a set of rules making it impossible to even sue a doctor unless another equally qualified doctor signs an affidavit claiming the first doctor was guilty of malpractice.  Regular people who are negligent don’t get the same privilege.

So, my take is the Doctor card got Conrad Murray nowhere.  It makes me feel good when a jury does not buy defenses like that, and sees the truth.


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