I am very angry about a law on the books in Florida.  Florida statue 768.735  forbids a court from letting a Jury know that no matter how vile, disgusting and unacceptable the Jury finds the  behavior of the Defendant to have been, that the court will after getting their Verdict chop it down if it is more than 3 times the compensatory damages.  This law makes me mad because I have always respected Juries.  I have found them to be the absolute bedrock of fairness.

Now, the Florida legislature has basically said:  We don’t trust our fellow Floridians who sit on a Jury to do what is fair.  Not only that, we will not even let the Judge tell them we don’t trust them!

I have a case under advisement. YOU know the type of case where you get so angry at what the Defendant did, it makes you sick to your stomach.  Disgusting. 

No wonder some people do not like the legal system.  The search for the Truth has taken a dive.  Thanks to the legislature. Big Business has bought them off.

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