Palm-Coast-Injury-Law-Bad-Drivers-How-To-Get-Them-Off-The-Road Lots of people have driver’s licenses.  Most of them are physically and mentally able to take control of a car and drive it.  Due to momentary distractions they cause accidents.  They are texting, talking on their cell phones, rubber necking, listening to the radio, looking at the pretty girl in the car next to them,etc.

Sometimes the person driving is not medically able to drive and continues to drive anyway.  All  sorts of medical and mental problems can interfere with driving ability.  Like near blindness and black out spells, delusions, etc.  When those sorts of problems are present, the driver should know better than to try and drive. In fact, family members and doctors should and often do report them to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles in Tallahassee.  The report is confidential and will result in an investigation.  It may require the driver to go through a driving test, or to get a report from the family doctor.  If the license is pulled, they can not drive anymore.

The loss of a license is a terrible inconvenience.  It is the loss of independence, a change of life, and is a discouraging part of life.   There is a moral duty to turn in suspected incompetent drivers but family pressures often make the family members look the other way.  Florida law allows ANYONE to report a suspected bad driver to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Any and all reports are confidential. Here is a link to the official website which tells all about how to report the suspected incompetent driver to DMV.

As the holiday season approaches, it is a good time to be thinking about bad drivers.  I hope you and your loved ones not only survive, but actually enjoy Christmas this year!  If you have been worried about a loved one’s ability to drive safely I encourage you to consider asking DMV to get them checked out.

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