There are a lot of insurance companies in Florida.  They beat each other up in their ads about  the great services they provide to their insureds at cheap rates.  Miss a payment and you get cancelled.  But when it comes time to make a claim for accident benefits under a Personal Injury Protection policy (mandatory in Florida), some scatter like roaches when the lights come on. Here is an example of poor services from the Lizard company based on a real case so you can decide whether you want to buy Lizard insurance.

In early December, 2011  KD was on her way home with a pizza  from the pizza parlor looking forward to a quiet evening with her husband, maybe watch a movie on TV together.  She never made it home.  She was hit head on by a drunk driver on her side of the road.  It changed her life.  She spent the next 4 days in the hospital recovering after bilateral surgeries on both arms and a broken collar bone.

The day she got home from  the hospital she got a call from the Lizard insurance company.  It had sold her a PIP car insurance policy and promised excellent insurance services. They  already had a claim number and took her recorded statement, learned all about her claim and told her that she would have to wait for another Lizard employee to call her, and then she could get her claim for benefits officially started. They said the other Lizard employee would call the next day.

Despite actually knowing about the claim, the Lizard did nothing but put the statement on the shelf. It should have assigned an adjuster who would have promptly mailed her claim forms, but did not do so. That was 30 days ago, and the Lizard never called and she never heard from another soul at the Lizard.  Her claim was not started, and under the law the Lizard does not officially have to do anything yet because it does not have her application form on file, because it failed to send her the claim form. So, the Lizard foot dragged opening her  claim file to the detriment of KD.

On December 19, 2011, the hospital where she had surgery sent the Lizard a $48,000+ hospital bill.  That should have been a wake up call to the Lizard that she had a claim to be paid.  The hospital had a claim number and knew exactly where to send their bill. On December 30, 2011 I called the Lizard and tried to talk to the adjuster, Jaquelyn Hughes, but she was out until January 3, 2012.  So my office  sent her a Fax to call and start the PIP claim.

On January 3, 2012 Ms. Hughes was still out. Her voice mail said still had not changed from the week before.  My office  called back on January 4, 2012 to try to speak to her.  She was still “out” so I asked for her supervisor.  Her supervisor is “out  of the office until January 10, 2012.  I left a message asking for the Supervisor’s supervisor, Lisa Torello, to call me back.

In the meantime I faxed copies of medical reports and lost wage documentation to the Lizard.  I asked a temporary adjuster to fax copies of the PIP claim forms.  She said the Lizard will not allow her to send the PIP forms via fax or email, but she would mail them to me.  They should have been mailed 30 days ago.  But, by foot dragging, the Lizard does not have to provide services KD paid for.

Other issues are still coming up.  I am sure this will work out eventually, but KD should not have had to go through all this.  She has decided to change from the Lizard to another company.  She has the right to do that without losing her benefits from the Lizard because her benefits vested (locked in) when the accident happened.  Her benefits locked in then because her PIP policy was in full force and effect on that date.


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