When you get hurt in an accident it is natural to want your friends to know what happened, and how you are are doing.  You or a loved one may want to post this information  and pictures  using Facebook.

Posting private information about your accident, how it happened, what your injuries are and your recovery is not a good thing to do if you are involved or potentially involved in an accident injury claim.  Why not?

Because the private information, photos, descriptions and your personal feelings can be brought into a court of law and then used against you.  Insurance company adjusters now make sure they get this type of information.  Especially if your Facebook page is public, they can download to their hearts content.  Later on any efforts by you or your lawyer in court  to explain away loose comments or photos of you partying it up may come back to bite you.  It will lower any offer of settlement for sure, and may result in a complete denial of your case.

I have several young clients who were stung by their posts to Facebook.  One was a beautiful young girl who was in a severe roll over accident on I95.  Her boyfriend caused it and she was an innocent passenger. When they later broke up  she wrote some pretty nasty things on his Facebook, and guess what?  The insurance company got them and ruined her case.  Another client who took a picture of himself dancing ruined his case, and a third took a picture of herself smiling in a hospital bed, as if nothing was wrong, even though she was nearly killed in a bad crash.  You simply do not want stuff on the internet that might be in the least be damaging to your case.

The law will not allow you to hide your comments by taking them down or even closing your Facebook account and starting a new one.  If you and your lawyer get caught hiding this information while you are in litigation you can both be penalized so much that you destroy your recovery, and the lawyer can be disbarred.

So, what is the lesson?  I tell my clients not to talk to anyone about their accident except me and their doctors.  This includes not telling them on Facebook or any other similar social media.

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