Crashes cause head injuries


The NFL was forced into financing some major research into  brain concussions on its injured football players.  NFL’s  stats show football players in “speed positions” are 4 times more likely to die from brain damages than average people! It was  sued by 2,000 football players for injuries caused by serious head injuries, which can cause long term medical problems like Alzheimer’s, ALS or death.

So what do football injuries, brain injuries  and car accidents have in common?  Car accidents cause violent sudden changes to a person’s brains due to sudden acceleration or stops.  These “Delta V”  (science talk for “change in velocity”) changes can often cause brain damages even though the skull is not fractured with brains leaking out.  These are called closed head injuries because the skull is intact. The brain is a supercomputer  which can get short circuited by accidents and when it does,  major problems with life are the result. It is the ultimate example of a “soft tissue” which insurance adjusters scoff about.

I represent the client who sustained brain injuries in the  car accident pictured above. He was T-Boned when the blue car ran a red light as he was turning left  onto Belle Terre Parkway. His head bounced off the inside of his truck.   The blue car hit his truck right behind the driver’s side door.  Both drivers went to the emergency room.

A good personal injury attorney should know the symptoms of brain damages.  They happen  in truck, car and motorcycle accidents a lot, but are not diagnosed or treated often enough.

When my client came in for our first conference he told me  his ears had a loud noise that sounded to him like a  TV test signal that would not stop.    This is called Tinnitus.  It makes it hard for him to use his cell phone even when it is turned all the way up. He was also dizzy, had balance issues, and new neck and back aches.  I concluded his brain injury symptoms had been  overlooked by the local Emergency Room doctors.   I recognized his symptoms and arranged for him to be seen by a specialist out of town.  I don’t know of any in Palm Coast or Flagler county.   His brain injuries are now documented and will be included in our settlement negotiations with the insurance company for the blue car.

What are the symptoms for brain damages: Dizziness, ringing ears, loss of sense of smell, balance problems, memory loss, forgetfulness, irritability, and mood swings.

Brain injuries can be caused by slip and fall accidents and other traumatic events to the head, even if the skull is not fractured.  If you have a question about this and want to talk, give me a call.  My initial conference is free.

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