The next time you see a sign like this it may help win a  claim for you.  Red Light cameras are hated because they capture the license plate of a car which has broken the law by blowing through an intersection running a red light. A ticket is automatically  mailed to the offender and he has to pay it or risk losing his license.

Red Light Warning

It has been my experience that people will not accept responsibility for their accidents.  They will deny they ran a red light or were negligent. However, red lights may make them honest!

There is a silver lining about red light cameras.  The cameras record video of their intersections 24/7.  The video is streamed constantly to ATS ( ) which manages the system.  Thus, every accident at an intersection controlled by these cameras is captured on a video.  The video is kept for at least one week, and if a ticket was issued then indefinitely.  So, if you or someone you know was the victim of a person running a red light, or in an accident at an intersection where these cameras are posted, you can request as copy of the video and it can be sent to you for a small charge.  The video should end any question about who ran the red light and caused the accident. The record is deemed to be a public record and can be sent to you or your lawyer in a digital format to help prove your case, or defense.

How do you get the video?  Call the police department and ask who to contact at ATS.  ATS is a contracting company located in Arizona which installs, maintains, operates and collects tickets for local government.  My sources tell me ATS can pinpoint intersection video with a minimum of time and effort, and then email it to you.

Not only do Red light cameras help tell who has run a red light, but they also have the technical ability to tell the speed of the vehicle as it went through the intersection. And, they have the ability to track vehicles traveling together as they pass from one red light camera to another.   Right now drivers are not being charged for speeding, but that may be coming in the near future.

I suggest that you take photos of the intersection where your accident happened, and promptly get a copy of any red light camera footage of your accident before it is erased. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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