Palm-Coast-Injury-Attorney-Motorcycle-Accidents-and-Insurance-How-to-get-insurance-from-your-car-policyDoes a person hurt in a motorcycle accident by a careless driver have any right to insurance if the at fault driver has no insurance or not enough insurance?

My client was T-boned at an intersection in Flagler Beach during bike week.  He and some friends were touring during Bike Week 2013 on their Harley’s.  They had done the loop and were on their way back home in Palm Coast.  He was last in line, and got hit in the left leg by an out of state driver. As usual the driver said he did not see him.

He had to be airlifted to Halifax Hospital in Daytona where he had emergency surgery to save his left leg which had sustained open compound comminuted fractures of the the tibia and fibia. That means the bones were broken into pieces and they were sticking out of his leg.

The at fault driver had very little insurance.

He retained me to help.  He told me he did not have motorcycle insurance.  I looked over his auto insurance.  Why? Florida law allows people to buy “uninsured motorist” coverage, aka UM coverage on their personal cars or motorcycles.  This wonderful insurance, when bought by you provides insurance for you and resident relatives (family members who live with you) who get injured by an uninsured or underinsured (too little) driver regardless of where you or your family are when they get hurt by the other driver.  So, for example, if you were riding your bike, jogging, sitting on a park bench or in a Dunkin’ Donut enjoying coffee, or even on your way to Disney in a tour bus when you got hurt, then your UM coverage applies…even if you were not in a car!

Unfortunately my motorcycle client did not know this and had not bought UM coverage. He said this had never been explained to him by his insurance company.

So I was not able to help him, other than to recommend he buy UM coverage in case he has another accident.

The lesson here is to know your rights under the law.  You may be shocked to know how the law can help you and a good lawyer,who specializes in accident injury cases, with experience is the way to go.

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