I had the pleasure of helping a young 18 year old lady settle an accident injury case yesterday.  I reminded her the settlement did not include any money to reimburse her parents who missed a lot of time from work, driving first to visit her for days in the intensive care, and later on for more than 40 visits to physical therapists and dentists offices. She graduated high school with a  GPA of 4.8 and wants to go to Med School.

This wonderful young lady told me she will put some of her settlement aside to help her parents with their retirement. Neither has any savings to speak of, and neither is pressuring her to give them anything from her settlement.  I had included a sum of $5,000 in her settlement demand. She said that was not enough for all they did for her.

At the same time I settled this case, I could not help but think of another 17  year old girl whose claim I settled.  She was rear ended by a truck going 55 mph.  Since she is under 18, her Mom is her legal guardian. She wants to get married, get a car and get a job as a nail tech.  She dropped out of High School when she turned 16.   Court approval of her settlement will be necessary since it is more than $15,000. She has no idea where her Dad is, probably in jail somewhere.  He refuses or is unable to pay no child. Her Mom is tough to deal with.  I have been texting and calling and emailing her Mom  for a week.

Which daughter would you rather represent?  Sometimes being a lawyer is wonderful, sometimes not…Thanks God, for the good ones.

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