Picking a fair jury is something that sounds real easy.  Just think about this short example to help you understand the problem:

It might be something deep inside my soul, or maybe that I live and work in a conservative venue, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for a man whose calf implants don’t work out.

If you want a scary experience, try doing voir dire in a cosmetic surgery case.  You’ll be looking at a room full of people, many of whom will much be much uglier than your “disfigured” client.  There will be women with warts, and old guys with large patches of hair growing out of their ears and nostrils.  There will be at least one kid with multiple piercings, and a face tattoo.  You’ll stand up in front of them and say “Does anyone here believe that if someone has plastic surgery, and has a terrible outcome — well, they just got what they deserved for messing with what God gave ’em?”  Every hand will go up.  If you ask “How many people think folks just shouldn’t have plastic surgery?” some people will actually raise both hands.  But if you follow-up by asking “How many people think doctors shouldn’t do plastic surgery on folks?” they’ll give you that puzzled look a dog gets, when he hears a high pitched noise.  You’ll ask “Has anyone here ever suffered a significant scar?”  Many hands will go up.  You’ll ask “Is it something you have ever felt self-conscious about?”  They will look confused again.  An old guy will offer to drop his trousers and show you his war wound.  People will make jokes about their stretch marks . . . it will be a long morning.

Moral:  if you are thinking about doing a cosmetic surgery case, hesitate.  Think very hard about your jury pool.  

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