I just found out about a new kind of sport called Obstacle Racing. There is a coupon on Groupon for the bargain basement price of $45 (a 50% discount). There is a club in Florida called Fl.ROC. It has a Facebook page and seems pretty popular judging by the photos posted on its pages. The next race will be on Cemetary Road, just a couple of miles south of Bunnell on April 12, 2014. The Bunnell race includes a race on a 4 mile obstacle mud course. There are similar races in about 7 states, and the sport is taking off. You can go to Youtube.com to see what it is like.

Here is what Fl.ROC says about its Bunnell race:

“FL.ROC’s impish staff designed a 4-mile racecourse to break the flat monotony of routine street races. Muddy ponds and walls hinder solo runners and teams as they dash toward the finish line. After conquering an array of obstacles, contestants have time to celebrate and, if 21 or older, tilt back a complimentary beer. The culture of the race is festive: many contestants compete in absurd costumes to scare off mud monsters.”

I checked out the waiver form you have to sign before allowed to race. It looks awfully scarey. A lawyer who knew what he was doing put it together. You can get killed or seriously injured doing the sport even if you are being 100% careful. You certify you know how dangerous it is, that you are healthy enough to race, know that the water has not been tested, etc. Forget about suing anyone if you get hurt. If you get injured don’t bother calling me ’cause I would not take the case. The Bunnell obstacle course looks like 4 miles of hell. The event sponsors set up different waves of 200 depending on whether you are serious or not. Only those in the competitive wave get awards. The competitive race starts at 9:00 am sharp. The awards look like human skulls. I wonder why?

Fees for the event include a mandatory $9 insurance fee. I wonder what kind of legitimate insurance company would get involved in a race like this? Besides the insurance, costs of participation range from $55 to $90 depending on when you sign up. And if you are going just to have a beer and people watch then it costs $10 for parking.

The event reminds me of the TV show called Jack-Ass, where people do crazy stuff on camera, some getting hurt really bad. This phenomenon is for people with low self esteem and a death wish, or spectators who like to see people making fools out of themselves. I bet you have a have a tattoo or some really ugly scars to get in.

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