Not all law firms are the same. Like apples and oranges. What kind of law firm do you want? Would you like a firm where the work is mostly done by your lawyer Or one where the work is done by legal assistants?

Example: I remember meeting with a new client in Palm Coast. She had recently been in a car accident. It was her third accident. She looked at me and asked: “Are you a lawyer?” I was shocked. Come to find out Morgan & Morgan settled her first accident, then years later Rue &
Ziffra settled her second accident. Now she was there for her third accident, and I was the first and only lawyer she had met! All the work on her 1st and 2nd accident had been done by paralegals.

Which law firm do you really want: Philip J. Chanfrau d/b/a Palm Coast Injury Law, LLC? Or Chanfrau & Chanfrau? The question comes up when a client needs a lawyer and is looking for the “right” Chanfrau. The Chanfrau family has several lawyers but not all Chanfraus are part of the same law firm.

Until 2002 Phil Chanfrau and Bill Chanfrau, and Bill Chanfrau, Jr worked together in Daytona Beach as “Chanfrau & Chanfrau.” Then, the firm split up. Phil Chanfrau moved to Flagler County and has lived in Palm Coast since 2007.Phil opened Palm Coast Injury Law by himself.

Phil’s office is at 389 Palm Coast Parkway, SW, Suite 4 in the Westpointe Plaza. His office is about 1/2 mile west of Kohl’s Department store in the median across from St. Joe plaza.

Chanfrau & Chanfrau has an office in Daytona Beach and a branch office by the airport in Palm Coast.

Both law firms handle accident injury cases on behalf of persons hurt or injured by others. So when you do a Google search of “Chanfrau” be aware there are two Chanfrau law firms, and make an informed choice: Phil Chanfrau, doing business as Palm Coast Injury Law or Chanfrau & Chanfrau.

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