Slip and Fall

Many commercial properties are leased to big corporations like Wal-Mart, Publix, or Outback Steak House.  Florida law makes the tenant responsible to keep the property “reasonably safe.” The injured party must be able to prove the tenant knew of and had a chance to fix the danger but did not do so, or that he caused the danger to begin with,  and that the danger caused the injury. Premises liability injures can occur just about anywhere including: Construction sites, Private homes, Public parks, Restaurants, Shopping centers, Supermarkets and Walking paths. When a person loses their balance because of a slippery floor caused by another customer it must be proven the slippery spot was there for a long enough time to have been discovered and cleaned up, or that an employee caused the spill and failed to clean it up or warn about it. Injuries from a fall can be devastating and cause brain damages, broken bones and loss of wages.  Surgery is often needed. As an attorney who handles accident injury cases, I have clients who have also been hurt in Boating accidents, biking and Dog bites. Our first meeting is free, with no time limit.  When I take your case I gladly give you my cell number so you can call with no hassles.  I only charge if I win a settlement or verdict, and I don’t get paid until you do.  I do not ask for a  retainer or a deposit, and won’t take just any case that comes along.

Car and Trucking Accidents

Even with newer model cars and trucks, better safety systems,  more regulations, mandatory seat belts, anti-lock brakes, padded dashboards, and modern divided highways,  Florida still has a deadly and serious accidents.  Highway speeds in excess of 80 mph is illegal but not uncommon. Florida is about to adopt a new speed limit of 75 mph on some of its interstate highways.  FHP  cannot control all speeders but it tries. We have all seen motorcycles and exotic sports cars racing on the interstates.   Sadly, millions of people are involved in motor vehicle collisions around the USA every year.  Trucking accidents are frequent due to drivers who are fatigued from overwork and become distracted drivers. Serious injuries resulting from car accidents can have a lifelong impact on your health and ability to work. Injured victims are often contacted  within 24 hours after an accident by insurance adjusters, who offer them a quick settlement covering all medical bills and something for property damages. If you are contacted take their name and phone number, don’t give a statement and call me!  Don’t you think it is worth your while, to at least check with a qualified attorney before releasing your legal rights?  You may be giving up a  very large claim for peanuts.  Once you sign a Release you will  not be able to change your mind and go back and make a claim.

Motorcycle Accidents

In my experience handling biker cases over the years, most biker accidents happen  because of the combination of another driver who  turns left across the path of the oncoming biker and the  invisibility factor.  Even small accidents causes road rash, severe pain, and permanent scarring. Getting the dirt and road grime scrubbed out of the scar is horribly painful and leaves permanent scars. Most result in severe injury or even death. A typical accident can lead to amputation or brain damages.  If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, or a member of your family has died in a fatal motorcycle accident, contact us today to discuss your legal rights. We are familiar with common causes of Florida motorcycle accidents, and the types of injuries motorcyclists may sustain in an accident. You may have a claim for uninsured motorists benefits for extra money.  Let Phil check your insurance to know for sure.

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